Rep. Scott’s bill to give death benefits to volunteer firefighters passes House

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Rep. Scott's bill to give death benefits to volunteer firefighters passes House

Legislation giving enhanced benefits to volunteer firefighters killed in the line of duty passed off the floor of the state House today.  Rep. Elizabeth Scott, R-Monroe, sponsored the bill at the request of several communities in her legislative district, including Darrington, Granite Falls and Concrete.   “Around seventy percent of the firefighters in our state are volunteers,” said Scott.  “We especially see a lot of volunteer firefighters in our smaller communities.  When a volunteer firefighter dies in the line of duty, the families and communities being served by that individual don't care whether he or she was being paid or not.  It's a tragedy, period.  This bill is a way to help the families that are left behind after a tragedy and to provide some assurance for the many brave men and women currently volunteering around the state.”   Scott's bill, House Bill 1180, increases the lump-sum benefit to volunteer firefighters who die as a result of injuries or illnesses sustained while on duty.  It passed the House unanimously and now awaits action in the Senate.   While debating the merits of the bill on the House floor, Scott noted the bill would not impact the state's budget as the increased death benefits would be paid from the dedicated trust fund supported by firefighters and fire districts.   Today is the 59th day of the 105-day regular session.  It is also the “House of Origin Cutoff,” where bills must pass through their respective chambers or they are considered “dead” for the remainder of session.


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